Near a Christian monastery in Egypt shooting occurred

One policeman was killed and four more were wounded in a shooting in the area of guard post near the Church of a Christian monastery of Saint Catherine in the South Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. On Tuesday, April 18, according to TV channel Al Arabia, citing the head of the security Directorate of South Sinai Ahmed Tile.

He denied reports that the incident was a terrorist attack. According to him, the militiaman was shot dead by his colleague by mistake. The wounded guards were hospitalized. Other details of the incident are not given.

In turn, the representative of the monastery, father Gregory said that the monastery is still guarded, the attack was not made, among the monks, no one was hurt.

April 9, in the churches of Egypt within a few hours of two explosions occurred. This morning a bomb on themselves activated in the past the main temple of Tanta during the service the bomber, killing about 30 people, another 80 were wounded.

Later another bomber blew himself up near the entrance to the Church of Alexandria, the victims were 17 people, including four police officers who stopped the terrorist and not let him inside, that has allowed to avoid a large number of dead and wounded.

Responsibility for attack was assumed banned in the Russian terrorist group “Islamic state”.