More than half of the paintings of Russian artists on the examination are counterfeit

More than half of the paintings of Russian artists on the examination are counterfeit

Moscow. April 17. INTERFAX.RU More than 55% of the art works of Russian authors in the examination are forged, the most popular among counterfeiters are Ivan Aivazovsky, Ivan Shishkin, Konstantin Korovin, Isaac Levitan, reported “Interfax” in the center of the research independent review (NINE) name Tretyakov on Monday.

That rating specialists was conducting 10 th examination.

“By the end of 2016, iare P. M. Tretyakov notes the increase in requests for examination of art objects — paintings, drawings, decorative arts — 20%, but the proportion of fakes or copies of the original artwork remains stable for 8 years: from 50% to 60% given to the examination of works are false”, — told “Interfax” in the center of the examination.

According to co-founder of NINE Alexander Popov, on the basis of the results of research and analysis of the experience of colleagues have compiled their own rating of the most copied authors.

Especially popular among counterfeiters Aivazovsky, Savrasov, Shishkin, Korovin. And I have seen too many fake Levitan: over the 8 years of our examination, we have issued 28 opinions on authenticity, and 86 works were found fake.Alexander Popov

The most common form of counterfeiting — renewal of one picture to another. Thus, the work of an unknown artist may be added signature of the famous author.

The experts noted that in Russia to buy a fake thing is more complicated than abroad.

“One of the results of our work on the art market-the habits of buyers to demand an expert’s opinion: now no self-respecting auction or value their name gallery does not offer work without an expert opinion. In Europe and in the United States such experts (authors of scientific works by Russian artists — if) almost there and many of the auctions or the dealers just take the work on the basis of descriptions of the provenance, which is very easy to falsify. Stories about the legacy of the attic deceased grandmother, a native of Russia — the most common,” said Director of iare P. M. Tretyakov Alexander Chvala.

The iare P. M. Tretyakov, the largest independent expertise exists in Russia since 2008, it collaborates with more than 80 experts. The organisation inspects more than 1,5 thousand works per year, collaborates with all major Russian museums and many galleries and auction houses of the world.