Matviyenko said, as the Islamic robe helped her in the negotiations in Saudi Arabia


RIA Novosti

The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko said that strict clothing to accommodate Muslim norms, helped her to find common ground and achieve an atmosphere of trust at negotiations in Saudi Arabia.

“There is a diplomatic culture. When you come to another country, you have to respect the culture, traditions, religious features, and this is a prerequisite not only if you want of diplomatic etiquette, but it’s internal culture. If you with disdain, then there is no trust and respectful dialogue will not work. Yes, they can endure, accept, but the rest of the soul remains”, – said Matvienko, answering a question about how respect for local traditions helps her in building a dialogue on political topics.

“I’m not going to discuss anyone else, I’m talking about myself – for me it’s organic. I myself was twice Ambassador and I understand how sensitive to this concern, it may be the external form, but it’s just a matter of respect”, she said.

“Today I was approached by female members of the Advisory Board, they are particularly emphasized: “Thank you for what you have absolute respect for our traditions, thank you in green is our color, but it suits you”. Though it’s a small thing, but such trifles and diplomatic embroidered patterns on which no nodules”, – stressed the head of the upper chamber of the Russian Parliament.