Israel refused to negotiate with hunger-striking administrative detainees Palestinians

The Israeli authorities do not intend to enter into negotiations with the hunger strike of Palestinians serving sentences in the prisons of the country. About it reports BBC News.

Starving prisoners is headed by Marwan Barghouti, sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of five people. The publication says that Barghouti is tipped to succeed the leader of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas.

“Barghouti raised a revolt, headed by the strikers, and this is a serious violation of prison rules. Basis for negotiation we don’t have is all the terrorists and murderers, they get what they deserve,” said internal security Minister Gilad Erdan.

On the West Bank of the Jordan river have been protests in support of the hunger strike. The Palestinians believe that the prisoners — prisoners of conscience, while in Israel they are condemned for attacks on residents and other crimes. Some of the prisoners were held under administrative detention — they can hold the camera up to six months without charges.

April 17, Israeli police used tear gas to disperse the Palestinians, expressing solidarity with their comrades by bombarding the guards with stones.