In the Council of Europe suspected rigging of the referendum in Turkey

In a plebiscite in Turkey could be rigged the results of up to 2,5 million votes. This opinion was expressed by the observer for the Council of Europe Alef Korun on radio OE1 from Istanbul, RIA Novosti reported.

She noted that bulletins were issued envelopes with seals. The authorities, breaking the law, allowed the use of envelopes without them.

According to a Coruna, there is also a video, which depicted people opuskatsya several ballots at a time, so it is a massive stuffing in different polling stations. However, she said that in those places for voting, which she managed to visit, all took place without violations.

The observer does not believe that on the basis of these certificates in Turkey to be recounted.

On 17 April the head of the delegation of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Cezar Florin Preda said that the referendum in Turkey did not meet the standards of the Council of Europe.

According to preliminary results in the referendum of 16 April amending the Constitution, and the transition to a presidential Republic voted for 51.4 percent of the Turkish citizens, against 48.6 per. The final results will be announced in 11-12 days after appeals. The opposition alleged violations — in particular, criticized the decision of the electoral Commission to count valid ballots and envelopes without stamps.