In Mosul missile strike killed a commander of the IG from Russia

One of leaders of grouping “Islamic state” destroyed in the West of Mosul (Iraq) in the missile strike. As reported by Sputnik, said Raed shaker (Raed Shaker), the commander of the Federal police involved in the Mosul campaign.

According to TASS, who also leads the General’s words, eliminated member of the command IG, nicknamed Abu hajer al-Rus — presumably a Russian citizen. He was killed on Tuesday, April 18, in the area of es-Saur during the operation the Iraqi security forces.

Accurate biographical data about him yet.

During the offensive, also managed to establish control over the “health Department” terrorists in Mosul.

April 4 in the Federal police of Iraq’s declared destruction in Mosul Abu Muhajir al-Rus, also the leader of the IG and possible a native of Russia. Three days later, it was reported on the elimination in the same city a member of the “Islamic state” known as Abu Maria al-Rus, who oversaw the IG sphere of petroleum products. Presumably, he was also Russian.

Mosul — the largest city in Northern Iraq located on the Tigris river. Was captured by the militants banned ISIS in June 2014. A ground operation to regain control of the city began in October 2016. With the support of the international coalition forces led by the US were released in the Eastern part of Mosul. Currently fighting for Western areas of the city.