In Georgia, criticized Lavrov’s visit to Abkhazia

In Georgia, criticized Lavrov’s visit to Abkhazia

TBILISI, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti, Maggie, Kikaleishvili. The Georgian authorities have called “a violation of the principle of territorial integrity” of the country visit of Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov to Abkhazia, whose independence of Tbilisi doesn’t recognize.

Lavrov on Tuesday visited Abkhazia with two-day working visit. The last time the Russian Minister visited the Sukhum six years ago, in April 2011. Lavrov will take part in the official opening ceremony of the new complex of buildings of Embassy of Russia in Abkhazia, and on the 19th of April in Sukhum will take place his meeting with President of Abkhazia Raul khadjimba and foreign Minister of the Republic of Daura Cove.

Visit of Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia in the Abkhazian region with violation of the state border of Georgia and illegal open the new building of the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation grossly violates the principle of respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of Graziosamente the Georgian foreign Ministry

The President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili called on the international community to strictly respond to the Lavrov visit to Abkhazia, but at the same time expressed the readiness of the Georgian side to the consideration of any question in a diplomatic manner, called on the Russian Federation to engage in constructive dialogue.

“The functioning of any (foreign — ed.) representative offices on the territory of Georgia is possible only with the consent of the government. In another case, such action is a gross violation of Georgian legislation and international law,” the President said.

He called on the international community to “strongly condemn the policy of the Russian Federation”. “Georgia reiterates its readiness to consider any issue in a diplomatic environment, and urged the Russian side for a constructive dialogue,” — said Margvelashvili.

In August 2008 Abkhazia and South Ossetia declared their independence, it was made after the armed aggression against Tskhinvali from the Georgian side, whose President then was Mikhail Saakashvili. In August 2008, Georgia broke off diplomatic relations with Russia in response to Moscow’s recognition of independence of the republics. At the same time Tbilisi refuses to recognize the independence of the republics.

However, the representatives of the new Georgian government that came to power after the elections in October 2012, was named one of the top priorities of foreign policy normalization of relations with Russia.