In Canada, the river disappeared

In Canada, the river disappeared

Scientists from Canada and the USA found that in 2016 disappeared one of the rivers of North America. A study published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

The experts found that in 2016, has effectively ceased to exist, the Slims river, located in the Yukon, whose waters flowed in a northerly direction (in the direction of the Bering sea) and fed lake.

The reason for the shallowing of the river became a retreat inland of one of Canada’s largest glaciers Kaskawulsh. This natural phenomenon has changed established for the last several thousand years the system of runoff channels, bringing water from the glacier was to go not to the North, across the river is slim, and in the South, across the river Kaskawulsh in the Pacific ocean.

The cause of the incident scientists call global warming. River Slims existed in 2015. Discover her disappearance, experts managed with the help of satellite imagery and the study areas using drones.

The study authors note that in fact, the sudden disappearance of the river has an impact on the local ecosystem, however, notice that threat to populations dependent on sources of fresh water, no.