A perpetual drunkard and a simpleton. Favorite roles of George Vitsin

A perpetual drunkard and a simpleton. Favorite roles of George Vitsin

And Nikulin and Morgunov believed that “Vitsin fucking talented” and they “put together, are not worth of his nail.” Aephi remember the famous film actor, whose birthday today marks 100 years.

Georgy Vitsin was born 18 April 1917, but officially his birthday will be April 23, 1918. It is considered that changes to documents made to his mother to send the child to a health school, which had a place only in the younger group. According to others, your date of birth famous actor has fixed himself to early to enroll in the actors Studio.

To millions of viewers Vitsin will forever be remembered as “a Coward”, Wesnousky, Balzaminov, but not everyone knows that he predicted the dramatic career of the artist. The famous film by Grigori Kozintsev was shocked to see Vitsin in the Comedy Gaidai, because he saw in him Shakespeare’s hamlet. The Vitsin did not regret that took place as a Comedy and not a dramatic actor. In the jubilee the favorite of the audience Aify recalls the best films with his participation.

“Reserve player”, 1954

For the first time Vitsin appeared on the screen in the role of the railroad in the film “Hello, Moscow”, but fame came to him 9 years later, after starring in the Comedy “the Spare player”. In the film Seeds Tymoshenko and 37-year-old actor played the role of a funny 18-year-old footballer washi Vesnushka, hopelessly in love with a beautiful gymnast (Tatyana konjuhovu).

It is no secret that for the General plans of the football Comedy the Director has used real footage from the quarterfinal match of the USSR Cup in 1954, but the actors also had to run across the field. And to cope with the role of athlete, Vitsin daily practiced at the stadium.

Moreover, the plot of a comic strip character Vitsin had to fight in the Boxing ring with the character of Paul Kadochnikova (the actor who for many years professionally was engaged in Boxing). This episode all the members of the crew and later recalled with horror: during a rehearsal Vitsin so broke that seriously attacked Kadochnikova, and as a result woke up with a cracked rib.

“Dog Mongrel and unusual cross”, 1961

“Dog Mongrel and unusual cross” was the first film in which the audience became acquainted with the charismatic gang of crooks, who later became the most famous Centrica the Soviet Union: a Coward, Bobby and Experienced.

Legend has it that Leonid Gaidai decided to realize the film collective images of social vices, after reading in the newspaper “Pravda” poetic feuilleton about poachers. The Director immediately came up with three character — for the role of the Coward chose Vitsin, which has worked on the film “groom from the world”. Vitsin, in turn, suggested Yuri Nikulin in the role of Bobby. And former Director of “Mosfilm” Ivan pyrev found Seasoned actor Yevgeny Morgunov.

“Mongrel dog” was only one of five short comic almanac “Absolutely seriously”, which “Mosfilm” even not pinned much hope. But the short film and its funny characters are very fond of the audience, and in 1962 the Soviet tape was nominated for “Palme d’or” for best short film.

“Balzaminov’s marriage”, 1964

Watch The FilmMarriage Bal’zaminova 7.8

Ironically, in his youth Vicino often need to perform the role of old people, and in adulthood — boys. For example, in the tape Anatoly Granicus “Maxim Perepelitsa” 38-year-old actor played the grandfather Musiya and 47, on the contrary, acted in the role of a young blockhead balzaminova.

It is known that the script of “Marriage Bal’zaminova” based on the plays by Ostrovsky Director Konstantin Voinov wrote specifically for Vitsin in 1954, but the shooting was postponed for almost 10 years, as the management of “Mosfilm” were too afraid to take liberties with the classics. During this time the main actor had pretty aging, and to match the age of your character, went to the trick.

“I myself made-up — recalled Vitsin. — Where mesh of paint painted, where did the freckles to wrinkles was not. Invented wig, nose pulled. Putty mixed with red paint to the face of “lost”. The soldiers looked at my art and said firmly: “I’ll shoot!””.

Due to the complex make-up himself Vitsin jokingly called the Comedy “Marriage Embalmed”.

“Operation “y” and other adventures Shurik”, 1965

“Operation “y” and other adventures Shurik” with the participation of Coward, Bobby and Experienced in 1965 became the absolute leader of film distribution in the USSR.

By this time the audience perceived the Trinity as inseparable actor of the trio and even came up with his name — Winmor (the first letters of the names). However, it was during the work on the “Operation “y”” the said that the “Troika” itself is becoming obsolete, and Nikulin recalled: “unfortunately, the Troika became really cloying popular. We were invited to speak at the TV “sparks”, drew cartoons in magazines. Nikolai Ozerov during the hockey coverage, too, remembered us. This was the period of our rise and simultaneously the end of our joint performance on the screen.”

However, after “Operation “Y”,” followed by another hit — “the Caucasian prisoner”, where a Coward, Bobby and Experienced starred together one last time. Moreover, Nikulin and Morgunov continued to assert that “Vitsin fucking talented” and they “put together, are not worth of his nail.”

“Gentlemen of fortune”, 1971

The scripts for the films, which starred Vitsin, has varied, but the image of a simpleton and drinkers remained unchanged.

In 1971, in “Gentlemen of fortune” by Alexander Gray, the actor played the role of Gavrila Petrovich (more known as the Bloke). The role of associate “Associate” even more cemented by Vicinum glory drunkard and a bully, though in life it did not consume any alcohol, trying to replace the frame with a beer mug to drink from a dogrose.

“Gentlemen of fortune” became another hit of the film, despite the fact that the management of “Mosfilm” for a long time feared the release of a Comedy on the screens due to the abundance of prison slang, and hero-bandits. First finished film personally visited the interior Minister Nikolai Shchelokov, and after a Comedy ex-convict (previously, the Director was sentenced to 6 years for fighting) evaluated the Leonid Brezhnev. Fortunately, they didn’t find anything bad in the film, and, according to eyewitnesses, was laughing so loudly that even muffled the actors ‘ dialogue. Yevgeny Leonov later recalled: “the Film was very popular. Tell someone in the audience say, I don’t like — there is, say, aesthetics is not all right — so you still beat for it.”