The vets explained the obsession with cats EN

The vets explained the obsession with cats EN

Some cats do not take off the sink in the bathroom or in the kitchen to lie down in it and catch a foot of water droplets that get stuck in the tap. Where do these fierce opponents of water treatments appear so exotic habits?

“My 19-year-old cat once was terrified of the bathroom even passed by with caution, worrying for his dear life. Now most of the time he spends in the bathroom, collects droplets of water, or even inserted in the stream,” written by one of the owners of the cat on the online forum.

This behavior caused a netizen a serious concern, and the cat lucky to the vet to check if animal health problems. However, the cat was perfectly healthy except that old.

There are cats that are indifferent to bathrooms and spend there some time every day, jumping into an empty bathroom and playing there, said The Dodo.

Some experts have a theory on this. Perhaps cats perceive these reservoirs as a natural source of water, like lakes or puddles. Not all cats are afraid of water — it’s a stereotype. Therefore, if the animal suddenly kindled tender feelings to the faucet, do not worry too much.

Just don’t forget to remove the remaining soap scum and other dirt to prevent poisoning, and to make sure that the cat does not jump to the bathroom, which had just been washed and not yet dried.