The U.S. Embassy staff suspected of terrorism infant

The U.S. Embassy staff suspected of terrorism infant

Three-month baby was brought in for questioning at the American Embassy in the UK after a mistake in the questionnaire.

At the U.S. Embassy in London three-month-old boy was interrogated on suspicion of terrorism. Harvey Kenyon-Cairns was called to depodesta after his grandfather, a 62-year-old Paul Kenyon, made a mistake in the questionnaire.

‘Terrorist’ baby faces US embassy interview after error on the visa form

— The Guardian (@guardian) 16 APR 2017

The question in the questionnaire grandson “Are you related to terrorist activities, espionage, sabotage or genocide?” the old man inadvertently answered in the affirmative.

After receiving the questionnaire, the staff of the Embassy immediately ordered Canonum be to clarify the circumstances.

“I couldn’t believe they saw that it was a pure mistake, and that a child of three can not to hurt anyone”, — quotes the words of Paul Kenyon the Guardian newspaper.

According to grandfather, the grandson of the interrogation was calm and didn’t cry. Kenyon senior has been frustrated by a complete lack of understanding of the absurdity of the situation by the Embassy staff. The mistake cost the man £ 3000 because of the need to re-apply after refusal.