The offender in Cleveland killed a passer-by live

Archive photo

In Cleveland (Ohio, USA) the perpetrator killed an elderly man a passer-by live, broadcasting the events through the Facebook service is Live. The man got out of the car, approached the victim and after a short dialogue, shot 74-year-old man in the head. Then he got into the car and drove away. Local police have launched an investigation into the incident.

The alleged murderer’s name is Steve Stevens. Hiding from the guards the man also stated through the social network that he “killed many people”, however, at present to verify this information is not possible.

Homicide Suspect Wanted (PHOTO) Steve Stephens

— Cleveland Police (@CLEpolice) April 16, 2017

Cleveland police posted on his Twitter a photo of the suspect, noting that Stevens was armed and dangerous. Local residents advised, seeing the offender, do not approach him and immediately contact the emergency services.

Earlier on Sunday, April 16, in Ohio, there was another resonant crime. In Columbus after the brawl is unknown opened fire in a nightclub, wounding nine people. The interrogation of witnesses and victims has not helped in the investigation of the incident, the suspects have not yet been determined.