The number of victims of terrorist attack in Aleppo has exceeded one hundred

The number of victims of the terrorist attack in suburbs of Syria’s Aleppo has risen to at least 112. On Sunday, April 16, Reuters reported, citing Syrian Observatory for human rights (Syrian Observatory for Human Rights).

The participants of the Syrian Civil defense said that evacuated more than 100 bodies from the explosion of the car next to the petrol station in the district of Rashidin.

The evening of April 15 it was reported 70 dead.

On Saturday a suicide bomber blew up in the car. Nearby stood a column of buses with evacuated residents militants besieged Shiite villages, Fua and Kepra (Idlib). The column, which moved more than five thousand people followed in a temporary accommodation centre for refugees in Jibreen.

The evacuation of the inhabitants of El-Fua and Kefraya is carried out in the framework of agreements on a local truce between the government army and the armed opposition. In exchange, from fighters is the removal of the garrisons of two cities near Damascus opposition-held — Zabadani and Madai.