The CPS noted a decrease in the number of alcoholics

The CPS has recorded a decrease by more than a third (36 percent) in the number of patients with alcoholism, for the first time taken on clinical supervision. About this report “Izvestia” with reference to the prepared by the office of the report on results of work for the year 2016.

It is noted that the number of patients with alcoholism, consisting on the account in medical-preventive organizations decreased by 24 percent, and smokers of Russians has decreased by 39 percent. The data were estimated, is not specified.

The report of the CPS was sent to departments “for inclusion of their materials,” the final version will be submitted to the government in June.

The Federal medical research centre of psychiatry and narcology of Ministry of health explained that in 2011 the Russians are under medical supervision only with their consent. In addition, fewer people treated in medical facilities because they fear to get into the field of law enforcement. According to the Director of the center Tatyana Klimenko, the police systematically query in a drug treatment organization with the requirement to provide lists of people who are on dispensary observation, which they compare with the lists of the citizens having the right to drive vehicles.

According to the medical institution, in 2016 to follow-up with the diagnosis “alcoholism” is taken almost 95 thousand people, while in 2015 there were about 103 thousand.

In January, CPS calculated that, in comparison with 2009, the Russians began to drink less than one third. In 2017 the average per capita alcohol consumption in Russia amounted to more than 10 litres per person per year, and six years ago, everyone in the country accounted for 15 liters of alcohol.