Students will learn the basics of cybersecurity

Students will learn the basics of cybersecurity

MOSCOW, April 17 — RIA Novosti. The basics of cyber security will teach students and teachers, appropriate programs will be developed by the Ministry of education, said the head of Department Olga Vasilyeva on Monday at the parliamentary hearings in the Federation Council, dedicated to security on the Internet.

“The skill of information security, we must be taught from an early age. And standards of elementary education, and later in the classroom, first of all, computer science, sociology, law, life safety, in extracurricular activities, as well as in the framework of the program of education and socialization we must tell the students about this very safe,” — said Vasilyev.

“We will continue to work primarily on the completion of additional professional programs for teachers in the field of information security,” the Minister added.

She also noted the important role of parents in the fight against threats on the Internet because most of the time online the child spends at home and not at school.