Stolen Chinese robot helped to detain her captor

In China, stolen by an intruder, the robot helped the police to apprehend her kidnapper. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

The incident occurred in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province. The robot belonged to a student named Tian, who lived in a rented apartment along with seven other young people. One evening, after returning home, Tian found that he had been robbed: one of the tenants named Zhao, who the next day over the term of the lease, stole belongings of his roommate with a total cost of 1.3 million dollars, including the robot.

Tien filed a police report, but law enforcement officers were able to trace the attacker just last week, when Zhao decided to activate the robot. He asked to confirm phone number, and when a thief entered it, immediately passed this information to the host. After that, the police easily tracked Zhao and detained him in the city of Xuzhou.

In China, the popularity of robots is constantly growing. In February 2017 the service in the waiting room at the railway station Zhengzhou (Henan province) replaced the first Robocop, able to answer questions of passengers, and in January of the same year, the robot reporter Xiao Nan published his first article in the newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily.