Spring has compared the organizers of the “group of death” with Chikatilo

Irina Yarovaya

State Duma Deputy Irina Spring said that the organizers of the so-called group of death at the Internet is more dangerous than serial killers. She stated this during the parliamentary hearings on Monday, April 17, reports TASS.

“We know the history of high-profile cases, when serial killers commit crimes, but here, online, single subject, which simultaneously affects thousands of children. [Andrei] Chikatilo and never dreamed of such an opportunity to freely commit crimes — high anonymity, do what you want,” she said.

Spring noted that the committed network crime difficult to investigate, and the perpetrators hard to identify, so law enforcement needs new tools. In particular, according to the Deputy, Roskomnadzor prior to a decision about blocking the site should contact the Ministry of interior to immediately begin investigations and collect evidence.

“Law enforcement does not have to be contemplatives at how crimes are committed. Now de jure in the Criminal code there is no such responsibility, it will only appear” — said the MP.

In March, the government supported the bill to increase criminal liability for declination of minors to suicide, prepared by the Spring. Earlier in the same month, the MP claimed that children on the Internet to incite suicide by using mechanisms developed by psychiatrists and psychologists.

In November 2016 in the case of “groups of death” in social network “Vkontakte” have arrested one of the organizers of such communities, Budykina Philip (pseudonym Philip Fox). The investigation found that he encouraged teenagers to suicide through play. According to them, the actions of a young man influenced the decision of 15 minors to commit suicide.

Andrei Chikatilo, the Soviet serial killer, pedophile and cannibal who committed from 1978 to 1990, 53 proved murders of children and women. According to intelligence reports, the victims were more than 65 people.