Secret report of Khrushchev put up for online auction at Christie’s

Secret report of Khrushchev put up for online auction at Christie’s

Moscow. April 17. INTERFAX.RU — Secret report to Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev and rare photo album “Russia, 1918-1920” was among the lots at the first online auction the auction house Christie’s, on important geopolitical events of the XX century.

“Online auction, “Revolt! The geopolitical frames of the XX century” — the first ever auction devoted to important geopolitical events of the XX century. This auction offers photos, posters, brochures, maps and other collectibles from the Bolshevik revolution, the civil war in Spain, of India’s independence, the era of Thatcher and many other major historical moments. Bidding will take place at Christie’s from 20 to 27 April,” — told reporters at the auction house on Monday.

It noted that one of the lots will be “the secret report of Khrushchev “On the personality cult and its consequences”.

This is an extremely rare first edition of the full and shortened variants of the secret report of Khrushchev, published in Warsaw in 1956. Estimated cost — $2-3 thousand at Christie’s

With an estimate of $25-35 thousand put up for auction, a thematic exhibition dedicated to the industrialization of Ukraine, namely the fourth five-year period 1945-1950 years.

“Materials on the results of the process of industrialization on the territory of Donetsk region. (…) This is an 18 folding exhibition stands, consisting of 66 information boards, with size 600×1800 mm or less, with photos accompanied by a stencil of signatures for the Russian language and handwritten signatures in Hebrew,” explained the auction house.

Also the attention of collectors will present an album of 86 photographs, which “depicted the strength of the RAF, supporting the anti-Bolshevik forces during the Civil war in Russia”.

In the presented photos depict the everyday life of staff of the Royal air force of great Britain, certain types of ships and bombers, as well as members of staff. As noted in Christie’s, in some pictures you can see the immediate scene of hostilities.

Album bound in leather was published approximately 1918-1920. Its estimated value is $3-5 thousand