Leakage of toxic chemicals occurred in the London club

In one of the London clubs has leaked toxic chemicals. About it reports on Monday, April 17, The Guardian.

According to police, the signal about state of emergency in the district of Dalston has received at the remote duty at night. At the scene were immediately sent fire brigade and ambulance. From the premises of the club evacuated 400 people and another 200 left it alone until the arrival of emergency services.

In hospital with burns was delivered to 12 people. Their lives, according to doctors, nothing threatens.

How exactly was leaked, as well as any substance, not yet reported. No arrests at this point was not made, police are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

Dalston is a district in the North-East of London, famous for its nightlife. It informed, in particular, was the school “Four aces”, who played a major role in popularizing reggae in the UK.