In the Scenarios assessed the threat of a military confrontation of Russia and the USA

Vladimir Dzhabarov

The theoretical possibility of a military clash with the US and Russia exists, and it is due to the presence of many problems in the international arena and different approaches to them. This opinion was expressed on Monday, April 17, first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir dzhabarov told “”.

“I am particularly worried about the situation with North Korea. If the Americans struck after the test [of the rocket], then North Korea would respond, despite the fact that commensurate their military and economic potential. Then China could intervene here, next to us,” — said the Senator.

Jabbarov said that between Moscow and Washington have accumulated a lot of unresolved issues. “In particular, we assess the situation in the middle East, we have a lot of controversial issues in Ukraine”, — he explained.

At the same time, the MP believes that the nuclear powers understand them accountable “for the preservation of peace on Earth.” However, in his opinion, for minimizing the risk of a military conflict should be returned to the UN security Council the “real status” as it helped “to keep the peace on the planet after the Second world war.”

Earlier on Monday, the sociologists reported that 30 percent of Russians believe a possible war between Russia and the United States. While 63 percent of respondents considered such conflict as unlikely.

On 16 April it became known about the unsuccessful missile tests of the DPRK. Two days before it was reported that the US announced the possibility of pre-emptive strike military targets in North Korea, if she will conduct a nuclear test. Pyongyang in response threatened a devastating nuclear strike.