For museums and theatres proposed to create an analogue of the law “On protection of feelings of believers”

The Commission on harmonization of interethnic and interreligious relations of the Public chamber of Russia approved the concept of the law “On the protection of the highly significant moral values.” How to write “Izvestia”, the document provides for administrative responsibility for violation of the rules of conduct in institutions of culture, national and historical monuments, and religious buildings.

The publication notes that thus the existing law “On protection of feelings of believers” community members want to spread to secular objects. The concept of the bill will be submitted to the Duma before the end of may.

The document proposes to endow museums, theatres and exhibition halls the special status of the social spaces. At the entrance to this space the owners will be able to place their own rules of conduct with a warning about sanctions. It is expected that this will give some assurance that their territories will not be carried out actions contrary to their original purpose, and offend the feelings of the participants.

In late January, the organization “the Christian state of Holy Russia” were sent to Directors of theaters of the letter with requirements to refuse rental of the film “Matilda”. “If you see the movie “Matilda”, the cinemas will burn, maybe even people will get hurt. Formally notify: any banner, poster, leaflet with information about the movie will be considered as a desire to humiliate the saints of the Church and a provocation to the “Russian Maidan”,” — said in a statement. The premiere of Alexei Uchitel scheduled for October 2017. It tells about the relationship of crown Prince Nicholas (future Emperor Nicholas II) and ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya.

Earlier, in August 2015, the activists of the Orthodox movement “God’s will” staged a pogrom at the exhibition “the Sculptures, which we do not see” in the Arena. The main object of the attack was the work of Vadim sidura. April 1, 2016, the activists put a pig’s head on the porch Mat. Thus they expressed their protest against a theatrical production of Konstantin Bogomolov’s “an Ideal husband”.