“Axis” will help the Russian authorities to work with state secret

“Axis” will help the Russian authorities to work with state secret

“National center of Informatization” has developed an operating system that allows you to work with the state secret. According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, the new operating system having all the necessary tools encryption and security certificates, is called “Axis”.

As expected, it will use Federal and regional authorities, as well as corporations and companies with state participation.

Currently, the civil authorities and state-owned companies used to work with the state secret of special software that is usually installed on common operating system families are Windows or Linux. The Ministry of defense of Russia for work with the documents constituting state secrets, uses a special operating system “dawn” and “Dawn.”

The new operating system “OS” is made based on Linux and designed for installation on servers and workstations in data centers. The operating system can be used to run third-party applications, including those designed for Windows. Currently, “Axis” under examination of the Ministry of communications and mass communications.

Other details about the new Russian software were not disclosed.

In October last year it became known that Russia has completed the deployment of the “military Internet”, within which all divisions of the Ministry of defense can conduct secure exchanges of information, including dispatch of documents with the stamp of particular importance. A new network called the private data segment; it is completely isolated from the global Internet.

The private data segment is one of the components of the future network centric forces of Russia. The new Russian “military Internet” all computers within the protected network from connecting uncertified devices. The network is a private e-mail service that supports complex encryption.