The media learned about the desire of the tramp to ride in a gilded carriage of Queen Elizabeth II

The President of the United States Donald trump expressed a desire during his official visit to the UK to ride around London in a Golden carriage of Queen Elizabeth II. On Saturday, April 15, writes The Sunday Times.

According to the newspaper, the White house insists that the joint with the Queen travel through the center of the British capital to the Buckingham Palace is an important part of the trip of the American leader.

In turn, British police warned that such an event would require the development of complex operations security. It is proposed, in particular, set in a carriage armored glass, however, it is reported that the walls will not withstand fire from a grenade launcher or other powerful weapon.

Official visit trump in London scheduled for the second week of October.

In February in the UK there were mass protests against the arrival of the Kingdom of the President of the United States, a petition was signed by about a million people.