The Governor of Leningrad region sent officials for praise in the circus

Alexander Drozdenko

The Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko urged municipal officials to perceive criticism of the population. About it reports the Internet-the edition on Friday, April 14.

“If you want to be praised, you had to go to the circus or folk artists. This is not a stage and not a circus, no one to praise us, never will be”, — he said at a meeting of the Association of municipalities of the Leningrad region.

The authorities must understand that criticism from residents will be, while there is “at least one hole in the pavement,” he said.

In March Drozdenko suggested that attempts by local authorities to prove themselves not always successful, recognizing that they are sometimes “go crazy”. He commented on the story from Svetogorsk, declared a “city without gays”. Then he also noted that the authorities in the municipalities have become more open.

At the end of last year the Governor asked the inhabitants of Leningrad region not to complain about his work to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He called to complain to him personally. However, he lamented that his decision not to criticize members of the legislative Assembly of the region.