Near the Church in the United States staged a shootout

Near the Church in Alabama, USA, the shooting happened during a carnival to mark the Easter. As a result of the incident injured three teenagers and one child. It is reported

The incident happened on the evening of 15 April. At this time, near the Cathedral of Jefferson County there were about 100 people, more than 800 were inside the Church.

Five suspects have already been interrogated by law enforcement officers. Life of victims out of danger, they are in the hospital. On this edition said the chief Deputy Sheriff Randy Christian.

At the scene Saturday evening arrived about 60 police officers and 35 firefighters.

The video of the incident published in one of the Twitter users. “Pray for the city”, — has signed a video he.

Capstone CMT C??? (@C_JWTM)
April 16, 2017, 03:28