More than 40 people were killed during floods in Iran

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As a result of severe floods in Iran killed 41 people and another 22 were missing. On Saturday, April 15, reports TASS with reference to head of the Organization for emergency situations of the Islamic Republic of Ismail Najjar, his words leads Agency Asna.

Earlier, the government reported 35 victims.

A natural disaster caused by reaching the second day heavy rains occurred in the North-West of the country. There spilled into the lake Urmia river, the water of meaning bridges and destroyed communication, a flood damaged vehicle.

Significantly affected the town of Azarshahr and Ajabshir in the province of East Azerbaijan, as well as a number of villages in four provinces — West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Zanjan

In the affected areas declared a state of emergency, sent rescue workers and doctors, organized a search for missing persons.

Heavy rains began on the morning of April 14 in the North-West of Iran, accompanied by a strong wind. Forecasters predict that they will continue until the end of April 16.