In the United States died one of the founders of the Internet

In the United States died one of the founders of the Internet

In the state of California in Woodside at the age of 85 years died one of the founders of the Internet, Robert Taylor. This was reported by his son, Kurt, wrote The Los Angeles Times.

According to him, Taylor died Thursday, April 13. He noted that he had died in his house. He suffered from Parkinson’s disease and “other diseases”.

Robert W. Taylor – instrumental in creating the internet – has died aged 85:

— Independent Business (@IndoBusiness) April 15, 2017.

According to the newspaper, Taylor worked as a scientist at the U.S. Department of defense. In the 1960s, he launched the prototype of the Internet ARPANET.

He then worked in the Research center, Palo Alto Xerox, where Taylor was in charge of the team that developed the personal computer, the technology for transmitting Ethernet data and the computer display.

In 1968, he wrote: “in a few years people will be able to communicate more effectively through machines than face to face.” Taylor believed that the computer should be a personal device with a high resolution screen. Under his leadership, scientists Alan Kay, Butler Lampson and Chuck Thacker designed and built the first personal computer Alto. It was equipped with a screen the size of a sheet of paper, and over time he developed graphic display.

As noted by The New York Times, Taylor was also involved in creating the computer mouse.