In California, 15 people were detained for fighting at demonstrations against trump

In California, 15 people were detained for fighting at demonstrations against trump

MOSCOW, 16 APR — RIA Novosti. Demonstration of California Berkeley turned into a brawl supporters and critics of U.S. President Donald trump, the result of at least 15 people were detained, according to the newspaper, East Bay Times.

Hundreds of people gathered in a local Central Park and not far from it. Police reported “a large number of fights” and that the demonstrators throwing firecrackers.

Also, according to militiamen, seen a lot of use cases percovich cans. Several people were injured, demonstrators seized a large quantity of prohibited items.

Earlier, Reuters reported thousands of “tax March” on the streets of new York, whose members require the President of the United States published his tax statements. The demonstration takes place ahead of Tax Day — tax day in the United States.

Over 150 protests are planned across the country and abroad. Along with major cities such as Washington and Los Angeles, marches are also planned in Europe, Japan and New Zealand.

#TaxMarch #TaxMarchNYC Marchers chanting “New York hates you Donald Trump”

— Erin Finnegan (@erinf) April 15, 2017.

Trump in the election campaign was the first in four decades the candidate of the largest party, who has not released his tax returns. Political opponents claimed that trump can hide low tax rate, obtained by using the loopholes in the legislation.

“I don’t think anyone that is interested, with the exception of the press”, — the politician said during an interview to ABC in September. He also stated that to publish the Declaration before IRS conducts its audit. In the service, in turn, said that trump could publish their accounts even in the course of its audit, adds Reuters.