Distress of Russian fishermen washed up on the coast of Norway

Motor boat with engine failure, in which were two Russian fisherman, washed up on the coast of Norway. On Sunday, April 16, reports “Interfax”.

Signal for help from the resident of the polar Pechengsky district received the FSB on Saturday evening. The man said in distress near Einowski Islands Varanger-fjord, Barents sea, along with his friend.

According to the representative of the border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Western Arctic district Konstantin Pogodaev, after that, communication with the fishermen was lost.

The aid was sent to border patrol ship “Viktor Kingisepp”, also about the incident were informed the border service of Norway.

Find a boat managed by 6:00 GMT on Sunday.

“About the discovery of citizens of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Kingdom of Norway were immediately informed the Norwegian border guards and Consulate General of the Russian Federation in the city of Kirkenes”, — said Pogadaev.

Threats to the lives and health of men do not, at present, addressed the issue of the return of the inhabitants of the polar region of Russia.