A referendum on amendments to the Constitution began in Turkey

In Turkey, launched a referendum on the constitutional amendments, the first will be able to take part residents of the Eastern regions of the country. On Sunday, April 16, reports TASS.

In 33 of the 81 provinces polling stations opened at 07:00 local time (coincides with Moscow), in other regions, the electoral commissions earned at 08:00 and will run until 17:00. The country is organized 145 thousand polling stations.

The right to vote have about 55 million Turkish citizens.

Referendum participants are invited to decide whether to hold constitutional amendments establishing a presidential form of government is parliamentary. The powers of the leader of the country significantly, he would become both head of state and government, the post of Prime Minister will be abolished, and the President will have the right to appoint a Vice-President, Ministers, some members of the Board of judges and prosecutors.

The addition will be added to the mechanisms of parliamentary control over the activities of the President.

The Parliament and the President will exercise its authority for five years, but the head of state will have the right to hold office more than two consecutive terms.

The number of parliamentarians proposed to increase from 550 to 600, and the age of the candidates to reduce from 25 to 18 years.

If the amendments are approved, the next elections of the President and deputies will be held concurrently on 3 November 2019, all provisions in the Constitution about the presidential system will take effect only after the will 2019.