The media learned about the failure of the US strike on North Korea

USA currently do not intend to use military force against North Korea in response to nuclear testing or missile launch, the Associated Press reported a military official on condition of anonymity. According to him, plans could change in the unlikely case that North Korean missiles will be aimed at South Korea, Japan or the United States.

A spokesman said that of the inclined guide results of the planning of measures designed to force North Korea to abandon its nuclear program.

Washington in that regard considers it necessary in the case of conducting a nuclear test to further tighten sanctions against Pyongyang. The U.S. hopes that they will be able to convince Russia and China — countries with veto power — to support this initiative in the UN security Council.

The diplomatic strategy of the United States to resolve the North Korean problem will, in particular, are aimed not greater involvement of China in the process of exerting pressure on the DPRK.

According to officials, the aim of the us administration towards the DPRK is a full denuklearizatsii this state, and not the conclusion of an agreement on arms control or the reduction of the nuclear Arsenal — because it would mean recognition by the United States of North Korea as a nuclear power.

On Friday, April 14, the Washington policy center suggested that North Korea may have up to 30 nuclear bombs. Another institution, the Institute for science and international security assesses the nuclear capabilities of Pyongyang 13 charges as of late last year. However, there is uncertainty regarding the number of facilities for uranium enrichment, the DPRK has one or two.

Charges can be mounted on a ballistic medium-range missiles capable of reaching South Korea and Japan, however, according to analysts, it is doubtful that North Korea will now be able to build a reliable warhead for a ballistic missile, capable of hitting the US mainland.

Earlier, the us Navy concentrated in the Korean Peninsula strike group led by the aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”. It was reported that Washington is ready to launch a preemptive strike on North Korean military targets if Pyongyang decides for another nuclear test. His pre-emptive strike threatened and the DPRK.