Russia urges to stop politicizing the OPCW’s activities

Russia urges to stop politicizing the OPCW’s activities

The HAGUE, 14 APR. /Offset. TASS Vitaly Chugin/. Russia considers it necessary to stop politicizing the work of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW), as it is dangerous for its integrity. This was stated in an interview with TASS, Russia’s permanent representative at the OPCW Alexander Shulgin.


“We have always opposed the politicization, he said. — The OPCW is a technical organization established in order to control the process of chemical disarmament. When we begin to discuss political issues, it is dangerous for integrity.”

“But we did not start it, — said Shulgin. — It started last year at the November session of the Executive Board, when our American partners with a minimum margin of votes pushed through anti-Syrian resolution executed in violation of the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons. We immediately warned that it is dangerous. We set a precedent of splitting the organization.”

“Like then, the controversy subsided, but now again they are literally going through the roof, — said the permanent representative. — So it is impossible to do business. You need to go back to the original purpose of the organization.”

Thursday, April 13, in the Hague passed the 54th extraordinary meeting of the Executive Council of the OPCW in connection with the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian town of Khan shaykhun.

Some delegations, according to Shulgin, attempted to turn him “into a kind of Inquisition, when the perpetrators are known, are in the dock, they sentenced”.

In turn, the Russian side drew attention to the fact that the investigation is still not completed and at this stage no evidence of the guilt of the Syrian government was provided.