Ronaldo denied the rape charges

Cristiano Ronaldo

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has rejected allegations contained in the publication by German magazine Der Spiegel about the fact that he had in 2010 paid off rape charges. Statement Ronaldo published on the official website of his agent Jorge Mendes.

The athlete called this information “part of the journalistic fiction”. He pointed to the fact that the alleged victim refuses to identify themselves and to confirm the incident. Ronaldo also said that in the exchange of information on this case, lawyers are involved that have no relation to him, and referred to in the publication of a letter which was allegedly sent to the victim, he did not.

The player called the article in Der Spiegel deceitful and promised that he would “speak out against this media with all the means at its disposal”.

The publication claimed that the incident happened in Las Vegas June 13, 2009. The Portuguese family were in the US on vacation. Rape Ronaldo has accused 20-year-old American. Details magazine, 12 January 2010 attorney of the striker allegedly paid the girl for 375 thousand dollars in exchange for something that she won’t show it to the client of the charges.