In case of fire in the village near Orenburg killed four people

In case of fire in the village near Orenburg killed four people MOSCOW, April 15 — RIA Novosti. Three men and a woman died in a fire in a residential building in the village Kvarkeno, Orenburg region, local investigators find out the circumstances of the incident, reports SUCK in the region. According to authorities, the fire in the house at the alley South, 9 occurred on Saturday night. When the fire was discovered the charred bodies of three men 48, 54 and 55 and the body of 48-year-old woman. “In this incident the investigative agencies of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Orenburg region organized investigation verification. According to preliminary data, in a house lived four people that never worked, led an asocial life,” — said in the message. It is noted that the fire was completely extinguished, investigators inspected the scene In the near future will

In the United States has postponed the execution of seven people because of a dispute with the provider of poison for lethal injection

In the United States has postponed the execution of seven people because of a dispute with the provider of poison for lethal injection NEW YORK, April 15. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. Courts in the U.S. state of Arkansas on Friday postponed the executions of seven people due to protests by the company McKesson is the manufacturer of one of the toxic substances with which it was planned to lead to the execution of sentences. It is stated in the decrees entered in the court files. All seven executions of men convicted of murder, was scheduled for the current month. Sentenced had to inject anesthetic and two other substances. The first is designed to stop the heart, the second to stop operation of the lungs. One of these drugs, the state government purchased from McKesson, in this video, according to the company, not explained how you plan to use. Representatives of

In the state Duma refused to ban the training of the bureaucratic children abroad

Nikolay Kovalev Photo: RIA Novosti The state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption recommended that the lower house of Parliament to reject the bill prohibiting officials and employees of state enterprises to send their children to study abroad. It is reported RIA Novosti on Thursday, April 13. Member of the Committee Nikolay Kovalev said that the person constraint in the choice of school is unacceptable. Under the bill, the training outside of Russia is prohibited for children of all civil servants down to the municipal level, as well as employees of state enterprises and corporations. Exceptions are allowed only for those officials who are working abroad more than a year. According to the author of the document, MP of the Communist party Valery Rashkin, a ban would stimulate the authorities to improve the quality of national education. In August last year, the President of the Association of entrepreneurs for

The state Duma adopted the law on the registration of the hospital electronically

The state Duma adopted the law on the registration of the hospital electronically The state Duma adopted in the third reading the law on electronic hospital. Now, along with hospital letterhead on the paper, you can provide an electronic document of temporary disability. The state Duma adopted in final reading a bill that allows to make the hospital in electronic form, the correspondent of RBC. The law equalizes the sick list, was discharged on a prescribed form, “electronic document generated in the automated information system”. New electronic hospital must be signed by “qualified advanced electronic signature” of the medical worker and the medical organization. The law should endorse in the Federation Council will then pass to the President. It is planned that the document will come into force on 1 July 2017. Now for appointment and payment of temporary disablement allowances and on pregnancy and childbirth, the law requires you

Russia will continue cooperation with Kazakhstan on the “Baikonur”cosmodrome

Russia will continue cooperation with Kazakhstan on the “Baikonur”cosmodrome BISHKEK, 14 Jul — RIA Novosti. Russia has decided to continue cooperation with Kazakhstan with the use of the Baikonur cosmodrome for the long term, said President of Russia Vladimir Putin. “We made a decision on your proposal to continue expanding our cooperation in space with the use of Baikonur,” — said Putin, speaking at a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian economic Council. “We are all our plans will adjust in the near future, having in mind the use of the cosmodrome East in order to actively along with you to work on existing projects that you created, using not only the Baikonur cosmodrome in the long term, but the implementation of those plans for joint launches, the development of new types of rocket space technology”, — said the President.

North Korea has said it is ready for a preventive strike against the United States

North Korea has said it is ready for a preventive strike against the United States Meanwhile, the United States is also prepared to launch a preemptive strike on North Korea to new nuclear tests. Moscow. April 14. INTERFAX.RU — Pyongyang, if necessary, may exercise the pre-emptive strike on US forces, while possessing sufficient nuclear power. This was stated by Deputy foreign Minister of the DPRK Han Ryul in an interview with The Associated Press. “If the United States will carry out reckless military maneuvers, then we, North Korea, will meet their pre-emptive strike”, — he said in Pyongyang. We already have a strong nuclear deterrent, and we certainly will not sit idly by in the face of pre-emptive strike the United States.Han, Relampable the DPRK foreign Ministry While in Pyongyang lay on the President of the United States Donald trump responsible for the tensions on the Korean Peninsula and noted

The DPRK introduced ballistic missile submarines

Archive photo North Korea on Saturday, April 15, for the first time showed its ballistic missile submarines (SLBM), reports Reuters. For the first time the public saw those rockets before they had to go on parade in Pyongyang to mark the main national holiday of the DPRK, the birthday of the founder of the Republic Kim Il sung. State television showed SLBM “Pookkalam-2” truck waiting for the parade. As the Supreme commander, the parade, North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, dressed in a black European suit with a tie, the correspondent of TASS from the event. The celebration in the DPRK are in a situation of increasing international tension around the Korean Peninsula. The U.S. Navy concentrated in the region of the strike group led by the aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”. It was reported that Washington is ready to launch a preemptive strike on North Korean military targets if Pyongyang decides

North Korea has promised to retaliate with a nuclear strike on the US provocations

Choe Ryong Hae The DPRK will deal a crushing blow with nuclear weapons in response to any provocation from the US. This, speaking at a military parade in Pyongyang, said the Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea and the state Council and Choi Ryong Hae. His words leads TASS. “All our nuclear weapons we will destroy the US nuclear weapons” — promised the Vice-Marshal. “If the US dares to any provocation, we will instantly inflict a devastating blow to nuclear war we will reply to your nuclear strike”, — he stressed. In Pyongyang held a military parade on the occasion of the national holiday — the 105th anniversary of the birth of North Korea founder Kim Il sung. As the Supreme commander of the parade takes the leader of the Republic, Kim Jong-UN, dressed in a black European suit with a tie. Past

The media learned about the failure of the US strike on North Korea

USA currently do not intend to use military force against North Korea in response to nuclear testing or missile launch, the Associated Press reported a military official on condition of anonymity. According to him, plans could change in the unlikely case that North Korean missiles will be aimed at South Korea, Japan or the United States. A spokesman said that of the inclined guide results of the planning of measures designed to force North Korea to abandon its nuclear program. Washington in that regard considers it necessary in the case of conducting a nuclear test to further tighten sanctions against Pyongyang. The U.S. hopes that they will be able to convince Russia and China — countries with veto power — to support this initiative in the UN security Council. The diplomatic strategy of the United States to resolve the North Korean problem will, in particular, are aimed not greater involvement