North Korea has said it is ready for a preventive strike against the United States

North Korea has said it is ready for a preventive strike against the United States

Meanwhile, the United States is also prepared to launch a preemptive strike on North Korea to new nuclear tests.

Moscow. April 14. INTERFAX.RU — Pyongyang, if necessary, may exercise the pre-emptive strike on US forces, while possessing sufficient nuclear power. This was stated by Deputy foreign Minister of the DPRK Han Ryul in an interview with The Associated Press.

“If the United States will carry out reckless military maneuvers, then we, North Korea, will meet their pre-emptive strike”, — he said in Pyongyang.

We already have a strong nuclear deterrent, and we certainly will not sit idly by in the face of pre-emptive strike the United States.Han, Relampable the DPRK foreign Ministry

While in Pyongyang lay on the President of the United States Donald trump responsible for the tensions on the Korean Peninsula and noted a more aggressive style of Washington’s policy with him, said Han sung Ryul.

“Now, we compare the policy of trump against the DPRK with the previous administration and we concluded that it was more fierce and aggressive,” said Han Rel. He reminded about the relocation of U.S. carrier battle group led by the nuclear aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson” to the Korean Peninsula, about military maneuvers of U.S. and South Korea, as well as the number of Twitter posts trump, in which the President expressed willingness to solve the problem of the DPRK.

He stressed that any statements by us politicians about the destruction of the state system of the DPRK and overthrowing its government are unacceptable.

We will go to war if they choose it.Han, Relampable the DPRK foreign Ministry

Han Director also said that Pyongyang will continue its defense industry, centered around nuclear weapons as long as Washington will not abandon the “nuclear threats and blackmail”. He added that the idea of a trump to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN expressed during the election campaign of the future President of the United States, were nothing more than “an empty promise”.

Earlier, the us private intelligence and analysis company “Stratfor” reported that the carrier group USA is currently to the West of the Japanese island of Kyushu and goes through the Korean Strait into the sea of Japan to the East coast of the DPRK. There, according to Japanese media, referring to sources in the defense Forces of the country, will join them Japanese warships.

In South Korea, and Japan claims to have data on the preparation of the DPRK to conduct another provocation.