“The voice” asked the officials not to interfere in elections

“The voice” asked the officials not to interfere in elections

The movement “the Voice” asks the President, the leadership of his administration (AP) and the Central election Commission (CEC) “to Express a clear position” on the “inadmissibility of intervention” officials at all levels in the electoral process. In particular, it is noted in the motion, the AP negotiates political strategists for candidates from the ruling party. Political analysts say that “absolute equality does not exist anywhere in the world,” and of their belonging to the AP in the regions often say “crooks and swindlers”.

As reported in the statement of the movement (to be published today), “lately in the media” reported “about participation of employees of AP in the selection and coordination of the” political consultants and engineers for the conduct of election campaigns of regional leaders and candidates in the municipal elections in Moscow. Because “until now, this information has not been refuted”, that “gives reason to believe its the truth”. Thus, according to the regulations on AP, she can not engage in “monitoring of election campaigns of regional leaders”.

The participation of officials and administrations at different levels “in election campaigns of candidates nominated by United Russia or supported by the current government, it is quite common practice,” noted in “the Voice.”

The movement said the organization officials “of the voters in the interest of the candidates,” “the facts of creation and updating the “unofficial” election funds” and “campaign Finance from budgetary sources”.

For example, specify “Voice”, the head of the Tver region Igor Rudenya spent on their elections only 4.7 million rubles, of which “articles, where possible the payment of works and services of political consultants and their companies, spent a total of about 38 thousand rubles.”. At the same time “in several regions of the commercial companies get state contracts to conduct “research”” that “can indicate the use of budgetary resources in the interests of certain political forces and violates the principles of equality,” confident in motion.

“Democratic and fair elections are not possible without the openness and transparency of financing of election campaigns and political parties”, — noted in “the Voice.” The movement appeals to the President, heads of AP and the Central Executive Committee “with a request to Express an unequivocal position on the inadmissibility of intervention of administrations at all levels in the electoral process.”

The Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Sergey Ivanov told Kommersant that “a million times, faced” with the promotion of candidates by administrations of different levels. “The Executive authorities are doing everything to place in the legislature got those people who will make the laws by which she is to live and work,” he said. But the illegal payments for the work of technologists, according to Sergei Ivanov, the phenomenon of the “very rare”.

The first Deputy Chairman of the faction “Fair Russia” Mikhail Emelyanov recognizes that “the financial, media, political and administrative resources” are in the hands of the ruling party, and a fight that could engage in “non-systemic opposition”.

Political analyst Konstantin Kalachev considers that the statement of “Voices” — “a good thing”, but only “as to prevent a return to outdated practices of personal patronage and nepotism.” The theme of the interference of the AP in the electoral process, in his opinion, the “mythologized”. “I personally elected all orders always found himself, — said the expert.— But there are many people who, regional field plowing, they say that they are from AP. This is often just crooks and swindlers. A personal acquaintance of certain engineers with the employees of AP does not make them technologists up”.

The head of the Fund of development of civil society Konstantin Kostin notes that the authors of the statement refer only to publications in the media, which I propose to consider the truth just because of their “no one denied”. “If we are talking about public control, the one who makes the claim, must justify them,” he says.

According to the expert, he never encountered the practice of “destination top technologists, it is the tales and myths of political strategists who can’t find a job”. Konstantin Kostin acknowledges that “absolute equality does not exist anywhere in the world.” The lack of candidates ‘ reports of expenditures on technology, according to him, only says that some parties have ceased to attract external political consultants. “When I worked as a Deputy head of Executive Committee of “United Russia”, I set a goal of 95% to abandon their services, and hold elections by the regular staff. The Communists and other parliamentary parties too have their own propaganda machine,” — said Mr. Kostin.

Natalia Kurchenkova, Olga Lukyanova