The proven dangers of tablets for young children

The proven dangers of tablets for young children

Scientists from the University of London and king’s College London found that daily use of young children of touchscreen devices leads to a reduction in sleep time. Article researchers published in the journal Scientific Reports. Briefly about it, tells Gizmodo.

The authors conducted an online survey of parents who had children aged six to 36 months. Respondents had to indicate the average length of day and night sleep of their child. In addition, they reported how much time he needs to sleep, and the frequency of awakenings at night.

Approximately 70 percent of those surveyed owned a touch device. The proportion of children using them, accounted for 75 percent (in total there were 715).

It was found that children who spent more time with smartphones and tablets, decreased duration of night sleep. Despite the fact that they slept a little longer, the total amount of time allotted for sleep was less. Every hour of using the device took, on average, 15.6 hours of rest. It was also noted that use gadgets to children is more difficult to fall asleep.