The mummy in “Adidas” shoes were a seamstress

The mummy in “Adidas” shoes were a seamstress

Scientists have found out that the woman in “Adidas” shoes, a mummy which was found two years ago in Mongolia, apparently was a seamstress. Archaeologists said the age of the burial, it was about 1100 years. The study reports The Siberian Times.

Archaeologists have discovered an intact burial of a woman last year, it was located in the Altai mountains at an altitude of 2800 meters. Judging by the objects found in the tomb, including the sacrificed Mare, saddle and bridle, the deceased was of Turkic origin. According to scientists, this is the first intact burial of Turkic, found in Mongolia and possibly in all of Central Asia. Special attention of Internet users drew shoes women similar to snowboard boots Adidas.

Over the past year, the researchers examined the remains and objects from the burial. According to scientists, the woman died aged 30 to 40 years. Judging by the damage to the facial bones, the cause of death was trauma to the head. Future research may determine whether the death was violent or the woman accidentally fell and hit her. Archaeologists said the age of the burial is about 1100 years, 400 years later than they previously thought. However, from the article it is unclear how the scientists estimated the age of the deceased: DNA studies and radiocarbon analysis of the remains has not been undertaken.

The burial was found a sewing supplies and a few sets of clothes, as well as richly embroidered bag. Judging from these artifacts, the woman was a seamstress. With regard to famous shoes, they felt more like boots to the knee. Shoes, including the soles were made of leather, and the socks were embroidered with stripes of black and red colors, similar to the three special “addisonia” strips.

Previously, scientists had found samples and others, including the more ancient fabrics. As in Peru have discovered an ancient cloth of blue, whose age scientists estimate of 6000 years, and Israeli archaeologists have found cloth in the time of kings David and Solomon.

Ekaterina Rusakova