The history of the people sailing on the Titanic

The history of the people sailing on the Titanic

The fate of the passengers and crew members, crossed the Atlantic ocean aboard the ship.

In the early XX century was one of the largest Maritime disasters. On 14 April 1912, the ocean liner Titanic crashed when faced with an iceberg in the North Atlantic. On Board were more than 2 thousand passengers and crew members, managed to save only 712.

Joseph Dawson

Anyway, any information known to almost all the passengers and crew of the legendary ship. Of course, the film “Titanic” James Cameron studied archival data. However, it is often repeated that the main characters Jack Dawson and rose DeWitt, Bukater was fictitious. Despite this, after painting began to emerge the Parallels between the stories of the characters and real passengers.

So, in the list of victims were 23-year-old fireman Joseph Dawson. Although the Director stated that while writing the script knew nothing about the existence of a real Dawson’s and it cannot be considered the prototype of the hero, Leonardo DiCaprio, fans continue from year to year to bring flowers to the grave of the deceased crew member.

“Titanic” was attracted to Joseph in the first place for financial reasons, because the crew of the transatlantic liners were paying good money. Besides, he received a provisional certificate of dismissal from the British army and heard plenty of stories of fellow Arthur John Preist, decided to change profession. However, the same Prista, whose sister later became the wife of Dawson, he sailed first on the “Majestic” and after I got on “Titanic.”

It is assumed that in the time of the crash, Dawson climbed out of the engine room, did not have time to sit in a boat, jumped into the water and died. For a long time at the tomb of Joseph, buried in the canadian city of Halifax, was written the initials “j. Dawson”. For this reason, many fans of the film believed that here lies the body of Jack Dawson.

Emilio Portaluppi and Madeleine Astor

Another passenger of the Titanic, who is considered the prototype of the hero. Italian Emilio Portaluppi worked as an artist. With him he carried signed Giuseppe Garibaldi portrait that was lost during the crash. Get on Board of the ship, Portaluppi helped a coincidence: shortly before the departure of the ship, he won a ticket in the second class.

On Board the “Titanic” Emilio fell in love with a rich married lady Madeleine Astor, who accompanied the voyage of her husband. According to some Italian researchers, one evening Madeleine was invited by Portaluppi for dinner, after which they started an affair.

Emilio and Madeleine managed to survive, but more they with each other do not see. The husband of Madeleine, the millionaire John Jacob Astor IV, died: he planted the wife in the boat, and he, along with the servant stayed on a sinking ship.

John Edward Smith

Captain John Edward Smith to the “Titanic” led the crews of large ships and steamers. Although his experience and abilities have rarely been questioned, during the voyages of his ships has often been unpleasant incidents. “The Republic” in 1889 ran aground, four years later, on a large transatlantic liner “majestic” was a fire, and in 1911, there was a collision controlled ship “Olympic” and military vessel “hawk”, and that’s just some of the incidents. The command of the “Titanic” was supposed to be his last major voyage before retirement.

Smith was considered a very self-willed, brave and stubborn captain, and these qualities helped him earn the respect of the crew.

However, many experts agree that the collapse of the liner has occurred in the first place because of the captain.

Some say that he ignored the warnings and did not reduce speed in time to change course and bypass dangerous sections of the route. Others say that the night of the collision he was asleep in the cabin, and evacuation of the passengers did. Historians are still considering several possible circumstances of the death of Smith: from meeting death on the bridge and attempts to save the child and to the impossibility to get into the boat because of the anger of the audience.

Spouses Strauss

Was on the Titanic and its story of love, worthy of adaptation. The couple IDA and Isidor Strauss coming over on the boat home after a European vacation. According to the testimony of descendants of the Strauss couple, the relationship between husband and wife was very strong and warm: at home they did not get, and during even week-long trips would send each other letters.

When the collision occurred, the IDA, as well as all women on the ship, offered to sit in a rescue boat. A place was found and Isidore, but he did not use the privilege offered to him. Knowing that his wife will not be leaving without him, he pretended that sits in the boat. But the ploy failed and IDA remained on the ship with him, to give place for the maid and giving her a fur coat. The death of his wife met in his cabin, holding hands.

The Dean Family

Spouse Bertram Frank Dean and Georgette Eva light sailed along with two children: Junior — Millvina — was only two months old, and her brother, Bertram Faith Dean. During a collision the head of the family came out of the cabin to reconnoiter the situation. Learning about the incident, and taking children and wife, he brought them to the deck to seat in a lifeboat.

Thanks to the quickness of Bertram his family managed to be on a boat among the first passengers of the third class. He stayed on the ship and went down with the ship.

Millvina lived 97 years and died the last of those who were on the Titanic. Known to her and her brother came, when both were nearly 70 years. Bertram died in 1992 in a car accident. It happened on 14 April, in the 80 — th anniversary of the wreck of the ship. She Millvina years later was forced to sell family assets to pay for treatment and medical care. From the life she left on may 31, 2009 98 th anniversary of the descent of “Titanic” on the water.