Sons of the Amur tiger and the goat Timur was unable to make friends

Sons of the Amur tiger and the goat Timur was unable to make friends

VLADIVOSTOK, 14 APR — RIA Novosti. Son of the Amur tiger of the Primorsky Safari Park, Sherkhan did not want to be friends with the kid — the son of Timur, so the animals were separated in different cages, according to Park.

Tiger the Amur and Ussuri rivers by the name of Sher Khan was born in the end of September 2016, very weak. The tigress did not accept and refused to feed him and another cub that died as a result. Sherkhan managed to save, he lived in a warm room, where he watched the clock vet. In early April, Sherkhan moved in one enclosure with the son of the goat Timur of the Timurid, also they put a dog tobacco.

“Timurid from the Park Sher Khan and Tabaqui we moved closer to Timur. Sher Khan once managed to grab Timurid leg. In the game, but still decided not to risk it. Tiger and goat will live in different houses. Sher Khan — not Cupid. Making friends with the goat didn’t want to. From Sherkhan’s friend — dog tobacco”, — stated in the message.

Also on the website of the Safari Park published a video in which Sher Khan and Tabaqui play, nipping each other. And Timurids with the father Timur chew grass, sometimes Bodas horns.

About the friendship of a goat and Timur Amur tiger in the year 2015, the whole world has learnt. The goat in the tiger enclosure led as prey, but the predator did not eat it, as Timur gave back. Asshole even took the berth of the tiger, forcing him to sleep on the roof of the shelter. The animals were lodged individually but day walked together in a Park. The Amur Timur and became the darlings of the Internet, and got several million views on YouTube. After a skirmish of animals and the treatment of the goat live animals in neighbouring cages.