Robot Fedor learned to dual wield

Robot Fedor learned to dual wield

Shooting with two hands allows you to debug the algorithm of decision-making Fedor.

New anthropomorphic robot Fedor (from the English abbreviation FEDOR — Final Object Research Experimental Demonstration, a final demonstration of the experimental object of study), developed under the supervision of the Foundation for advanced studies, learned to fire guns in Macedonian, that is with two hands. About this in his Twitter wrote Vice-Premier of Russia Dmitry Rogozin.

The robot platform F. E. D. O. R. showed the skills of shooting with two hands. Work on fine motor skills and decision [email protected]_russia

— Dmitry Rogozin (@Rogozin) 13 APR 2017.

“That gun training is a method of machine learning to prioritize, and instantly, and make decisions. We don’t create the terminator and artificial intelligence, gotory will be of great practical importance in various fields,” — said Rogozin. Other details regarding the tests are not specified.

About creating a robot of Theodore became known in October last year. Then Rogozin announced that a new robot will fit to participate in advanced manned flight of the spacecraft. Adaptation of the apparatus will take the specialists of rocket-space Corporation “Energy”. Flight tests of the robot on the ship Fedor is scheduled to begin in 2021.

The robot in Macedonian

In November 2013 at the cosmonaut training Center named after Gagarin was presented another Russian anthropomorphic robot SAR-401. It was developed to send to the International space station. This apparatus has only the upper half of the body with the “head” and a pair of “hands”-manipulators.

To control the robot, the operator uses a special suit — in this movement of human hands and even the fingers are passed to the machine. Information about what is happening in front of the robot, the operator receives from the cameras installed in the head unit. The weight of the robot is 144 pounds, and to raise the robot is able to ten pounds.

Vasily Sychev