Putin supported the idea of returning to the community powers to combat poachers


RIA Novosti

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved the proposal of the Minister of nature Sergey Donskoy on the return of powers to public inspectors, and employees of private hunting farms to counter the poachers, which they had until 2002.

At the present time to draw up protocols on administrative offences in the sphere of nature protection and to apprehend violators can only state inspectors. Due to their lack of want to help the community.

After the credentials of the activists will be expanded, they will be able to draw up protocols on administrative offences, to carry out a personal inspection of the poachers and their belongings and to seize the instruments and products of illegal hunting and to deliver offenders to the police.

It is expected that the initiative of the Ministry of natural resources will be designed in the form of changes to the administrative code.