Pakistani student beaten to death for blasphemy

In Pakistan student beaten to death for blasphemy right on the campus of the University. On Thursday, April 13, according to Reuters.

The incident occurred in the city of Peshawar. According to police, 10 students, shouting “Allah Akbar” they attacked their classmate Mashal Khan, stripped him naked and beat with sticks until, until his cracked skull. Standing around the students looked at the scene without trying to help the Khan, and took a beating on smartphones. After Mashal Khan died, the killer tried to burn the body.

The police arrested the attackers. On questioning, they explained that they were angry at Khan because of the fact that he was distributing blasphemous content in social networks, but are unable to specify what caused their rage. Professors Khan, trained as a journalist, said that he often criticized the country’s political system, but never touched on religious issues.

Since 1990 in Pakistan for blasphemy have been killed 65 people. In 2011, the Governor of Punjab province Salman Taseer was shot from a machine with its guard for what was intended to mitigate the punishment for blasphemy. In 2016, the murderer was hanged. At the moment in the country insulting the prophet Mohammed and Allah is considered a felony. In March 2017, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called on to save the Internet from the blasphemous content and threatened anyone who puts his strict punishment.