The head of the Rosselkhoznadzor told about the refusal of the Belarusian cheese

The head of the Rosselkhoznadzor told about the refusal of the Belarusian cheese The head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert stopped using Belarusian cheese after the charges against him by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. On Thursday, April 13, Dankvert said in an interview with video News Service. You know, a terrible thing happened. Because when Alexander G. said “you have a fridge full of Belarusian products,” I came and found six packs of Belarusian cheese from his wife. I told my wife that this is unacceptable, because someone knows what we have in holodilnika Dankvert Dankvert added that the more his house of the Belarusian cheese was not. “Maybe it is a defensive reaction of his wife. Incidentally, it was the cottage cheese of zero fat content — I will say that this is one of the companies which we monitor had seen less than others”, — said

In the state Duma supported the ban on leaving the police abroad

In the state Duma supported the ban on leaving the police abroad The state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption, supported the initiative of the ex-lawmaker Dmitry Nosov prohibiting officers to travel abroad. The bill is extremely important and relevant, said the Chairman of the Committee Natalia Poklonskaya. The head of the Committee Vasily Piskarev said that the second reading of the bill may be made all necessary corrections. Earlier the initiative was supported by the government, albeit with certain points. The interior Ministry supported the bill “subject to remarks” in the law should prescribe specific positions in bodies of internal Affairs, which include a ban on travel abroad. In response the government encouraged the foreign Ministry to compile a list of foreign States which are not recommended to visit the police. Not perespevshie in the new convocation of the Duma Nosov introduced a bill back in the fall

The Director of the CIA suspected WikiLeaks in Russia

Mike Pompeo The Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo called WikiLeaks an enemy intelligence service, working with the support of such States as Russia. He stated this on Thursday, April 13, speaking at the Center for strategic and international studies in Washington. CIA Director: Time to call out WikiLeaks for what it is: A non-state hostile intelligence service often embedded by state actors like Russia CNN Newsroom (@CNNnewsroom) April 13, 2017 “WikiLeaks acting and speaking as enemy intelligence. It encourages its supporters to get a job at the CIA to get intelligence. The organization was led by Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, who stole the secret information. It is time to call WikiLeaks what it is — a non-government services operating with the support of such players as Russia,” said Pompeo. In 2013, manning was convicted for passing to WikiLeaks more than 700 thousand classified documents, including diplomatic cables and secret

The CPS reported an epidemic of hepatitis A in Europe among homosexuals

The CPS reported an epidemic of hepatitis A in 13 European countries. As noted on the Agency’s website, the highest number of cases of the disease observed among men with different sexual orientation. The Federal service said that from February 2016 were more than 330 cases of hepatitis A. Cases doctors were recorded in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK. It is noted that the European experts carry out the necessary works on localization and elimination of foci, including vaccination of risk groups and carrying out sanitary-educational work. The CPS has asked the Russians to consider the situation when planning trips. Hepatitis a is an acute infectious disease of the liver, caused by the relevant virus which is transmitted through contaminated food and water. He has no chronic stage and it does not cause permanent liver damage. Once the infection

In the US, the insurers filed a lawsuit against Saudi banks due to the September 11 attacks

The court in new York’s Manhattan, a group of American insurance companies filed suit against Saudi banks and other organizations in connection with the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, carried out by terrorists of “al-Qaeda”. It is reported TASS with reference to documents obtained from the archives of the court. The lawsuit alleges that the two banks of Saudi Arabia, as well as eight companies and charitable organizations in the Kingdom had al-Qaida support. As stated in the document without assistance from the defendants terrorists “would not be able to successfully plan, coordinate and carry out the September 11 attacks”. The plaintiffs demand to cover all costs related to the implementation process, as well as to pay compensation of at least $ 1.4 billion. In the case of a court decision in favor of the plaintiffs, under current US Law on the suppression of terrorism, the amount will automatically

Kosachev found in the United States an obstacle to trump’s friendship with Russia

Konstantin Kosachev Anti-Russian sentiment in the United States prevented President Donald Trump to establish relations with Moscow. This opinion was expressed by the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev, RIA Novosti reported Thursday, April 13. “In the United States is now about Russia there is, without exaggeration, hysteria. The US President obviously limited in its attempts to normalize relations with our country — he just doesn’t give to do it,” — said Kosachev at the meeting with the leader of the Japanese party “Shinto Daichi”, the former Deputy of Parliament of Japan, Muneo Suzuki. He added that the talks of Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson “nobody expected a breakthrough.” “I think that nobody tried to offer each other so called great deals”, — said the head of Committee of the Federation Council. According to Kosachev, the parties intend “to move

The police detained one of the leaders of the party PARNAS

Vyacheslav Maltsev One of the leaders of the party PARNAS Vyacheslav Maltsev detained in Saratov in his apartment. About this politician said on his personal YouTube channel. In order to get inside, police cut the door with a grinder. “Trying to break into an apartment, so I’m just letting everyone know that this RAID on me is done,” — said Maltsev, which was broadcasted what is happening with the camera of your mobile phone. He also recorded the search of the dwelling, which was conducted on the basis of the decision of the Basmanny district court of Moscow. In SU TFR of the Moi region, “Interfax” refused to comment on the detention policy. In the past the November 2016 elections to the state Duma Maltsev nominated on the party list PARNASSUS. During the debate on Federal channels, he, in particular, were harshly criticizing the country’s leadership and called for a

The Kremlin has approved the tone of the speech Safrankova in the UN

Vladimir Safronkov Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called the appropriate tone of the speech by the Deputy permanent representative to the UN Vladimir Safronkov at a meeting of the Security Council. His words on Thursday, April 13, the correspondent of “”. “Nothing offensive was said,” said a Kremlin spokesman. The UN security Council held a very heated debate, and often they concern the nature and future of international relations, Peskov said. “The manifestation of the softness then in the future is fraught with very dire consequences. Therefore, it is better to defend the interests of our country today. And if we have, quite harshly,” he explained. A day earlier, the Russian diplomat responded sharply to the statement by the representative of the United Kingdom Matthew Rycroft that Russia abuses its veto. Safronkov accused the British that he “only thinks” that complicate efforts to find a political

Supporters of opposition leader Mal found him in Moscow OVD “Luzhniki”

Supporters of opposition leader Mal found him in Moscow OVD “Luzhniki” Moscow. April 14. INTERFAX.RU — Saratov politician and blogger Vyacheslav Maltsev, detained and delivered to Moscow on Thursday, is in the Department of internal Affairs “Luzhniki”, reported “Interfax” the representative of the “New opposition” Roman Kovalev. “At the moment Maltsev is in OVD “Luzhniki”, it sent the lawyers,” — said Kovalev. He also said that has no information about whether Maltsev on Thursday taken to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Earlier supporters Maltsev reported that he was taken from OVD “Tver” to the Investigative Committee for questioning. On the morning of Thursday Maltsev, nominated from the PARNAS party as a candidate in elections to the state Duma in the fall of 2016, said that, to his apartment in Saratov, came the representatives of law enforcement bodies with the resolution on a search, the results of which detained

The police brought opposition leader Vyacheslav Maltsev’s Investigative Committee

The police brought opposition leader Vyacheslav Maltsev’s Investigative Committee Opposition politician Vyacheslav Maltsev, who was detained on April 13 and delivered on the same day in Moscow, OVD “Tver” transported to the Investigative Committee. About it to Agency “Interfax” said the companion policy, the representative of the movement “New opposition” Denis Romanov. “Mal was taken to the Investigative Committee, as I said, the Federal”, — quotes its words Agency. Romanov also added that, to his knowledge, Maltsev “was questioned as a witness on 26 March”. In addition, the interlocutor of “Interfax” noted that the opposition did not allow lawyers. Also defenders, according to Romanov, has refused to inform, which will bring their ward. This information “RIA Novosti” said the opposition lawyer Sergei adamsin. Earlier, on 13 April, according to the newspaper “Svobodnye Novosti”, the apartment Maltsev was searched. However, as noted by the publication, in order to get into the