In the US, the insurers filed a lawsuit against Saudi banks due to the September 11 attacks

The court in new York’s Manhattan, a group of American insurance companies filed suit against Saudi banks and other organizations in connection with the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, carried out by terrorists of “al-Qaeda”. It is reported TASS with reference to documents obtained from the archives of the court.

The lawsuit alleges that the two banks of Saudi Arabia, as well as eight companies and charitable organizations in the Kingdom had al-Qaida support. As stated in the document without assistance from the defendants terrorists “would not be able to successfully plan, coordinate and carry out the September 11 attacks”.

The plaintiffs demand to cover all costs related to the implementation process, as well as to pay compensation of at least $ 1.4 billion. In the case of a court decision in favor of the plaintiffs, under current US Law on the suppression of terrorism, the amount will automatically increase by three times — to 4,2 billion dollars.

In the lawsuit among the defendants appear, in particular, the Committee of Saudi Arabia for providing assistance to refugees from Chechnya and Kosovo. As confirmation of connection of this organization with the terrorists are the insights of the Russian special services.

Thursday, April 13, Saudi Arabian forces have been sent summons to appear in court.

The U.S. Congress September 28, overcame the veto of President Barack Obama and passed a law allowing Americans to sue countries-an accomplice of terrorism.

Immediately after that, in the district court of Washington, D.C., asked Stephanie Rossi Desimone — the widow of a United States Navy officer Patrick Dunn, who died during the attack of suicide bombers at the Pentagon. She demanded that the Saudi Arabia monetary compensation for the violent death of her husband and intentionally bringing it to breakdown.

11 September 2001 in the USA, the militants “al-Qaeda” hijacked four passenger aircraft, Two aircraft crashed into the twin towers of the world trade center in new York city, one crashed into the Pentagon, another crashed in Pennsylvania. Killed nearly three thousand people.

15 of the 19 militants who committed the attacks in USA in 2001 were citizens of Saudi Arabia, two in UAE, one of Egypt and Lebanon.

“Al-Qaeda” in Russia included in the list of terrorist organizations, for participation in activities which provide for criminal liability.