In the state Duma a draft law LDPR about cancellation of the day of silence before elections

In the state Duma a draft law LDPR about cancellation of the day of silence before elections

According to the authors of the document, the campaigning until after the election will increase voter turnout.

MOSCOW, April 13. /TASS/. A group of deputies of the state Duma from LDPR have submitted for consideration the lower chamber the bill repealing the so-called day of silence before elections. The document is available in the electronic database of the state Duma.

“The bill proposes to cancel the day of silence, that is to allow campaign events until after the election, which will increase voter turnout in the elections and contribute to their implementation in accordance with the democratic principles of openness and freedom,” reads the explanatory note to the bill.

The document’s authors, among them Vice-speaker of the state Duma Igor Lebedev and the head of the Committee on Federal structure and local self-government Alexei Didenko believe that the day of silence is not fulfilling its stated function is to give the voter no influence of campaign materials safely to make the right choice. They remind that earlier placed posters and billboards can remain in place if they are not near polling stations. In addition, voters can share campaign brochures with each other, to communicate and to influence in a way to choose each other.

The authors in the explanatory Memorandum noted that the ban on campaigning on the eve of the voting in several European countries, such as Germany, Sweden and the UK.

In February, the idea of abolishing the day of silence was expressed by the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. He also suggested making election day a variety of festive events to attract people to the polling stations.

The Chairman of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev found then Zhirinovsky’s proposal on the abolition of the day of silence rational, noting that it “is common-that you can discuss”.