In Germany arrested three people on suspicion of aiding terrorists

German police arrested three people on suspicion of aiding terrorists. About it reports Reuters.

The detention took place in Celle in the North of the country. Among the arrested were two 27-year-old male, Afghan and Turk, and also 25-year-old German. They suspected that they were helping terrorist-Salafi, who was arrested on 21 February. As suggested by the German police, all the arrested were planning to carry out “a large share of violent acts threatening the security of the state.”

April 8, near Leipzig German counterintelligence arrested a migrant from Morocco, who planned to arrange a terrorist attack at the Russian Embassy in Berlin. 24 year old Mohammed had intended to attack, mingling with the protesters at the walls of the Russian Embassy in Berlin. Supposedly, the attack was to be revenge for Moscow’s support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

At the beginning of January in Germany on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack were detained Syrian migrant.

In 2015, just arrived in Germany, more than 1.1 million migrants from the countries of North Africa and the Middle East.