Forgetful female COP from the US brought a gun on Board

Taiwan has detained a female police officer from the United States, which forgetfulness has carried a gun on the plane. About it reports Reuters.

43-year-old California resident Nell Grant gave the gun and six cartridges to it to airport security once the ship landed. She explained that she accidentally left the weapon in the bag that I brought to the salon. How she managed to smuggle a gun and ammunition through several security checkpoints, including preplant, Grant found it difficult to explain. According to her, she remembered about the weapon only at the time of planting.

Nell Grant was planning to fly via Taiwan to Bangkok, but after she handed over the weapon, she was detained and taken for questioning to the Prosecutor.

March 9, a resident of Colorado accidentally carried a loaded revolver on Board the aircraft at the airport, Charlotte / Douglas (North Carolina). She remembered it only in the cabin, and then my mother’s advice and emptied the gun into the toilet.

According to the Ministry of national security of the United States, in 2015 undercover investigators in 95 percent of cases of smuggled weapons through security checkpoints at airports across the country.