Chinese “Walter white” was sentenced for drug manufacturing

Chinese chemistry Professor sentenced to life in prison for creating a clandestine no drug Empire. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

Man surnamed Zhang, together with an accomplice annually earned four million yuan (580 million dollars) making and selling drugs to customers around the world. Accomplice has appointed the death penalty with a reprieve of two years.

According to the publication, Zhang learned of the popularity of psychoactive substances, while teaching in Australia. In 2005 he founded a company for the production of solvents and medical membranes. In fact, he annually produces a few hundred kilograms of methylone (synthetic psychostimulant, a popular substitute for MDMA and ecstasy) and sold them to foreign buyers, taking bitcoins as payment.

In 2014, the PRC authorities have made methylone to list of banned substances, but the command Zhang could not come up with a replacement, and manufacture of the drug continued.

In November of the same year customs officers found in sent overseas parcels mysterious white powder, and in June of 2015, Zhang and his accomplices were detained.

The publication noted that the history of Zhang is very similar to the TV series “breaking bad”. According to his story the main character Walter white, the talented chemist, quits his job and begins to engage in the manufacture of drugs after learning about the fatal diagnosis.