Chinese police seized from drug traffickers 20 kilograms of heroin

The police of Gansu province in Northern China seized from drug dealers 52 packs of heroin weighing more than 20 pounds. Five members of the group arrested. About it reports “Xinhua”.

As explained by the representatives of law enforcement bodies, one of the members of the criminal community by the name of MA got into their field of view in the beginning of the year. He often traveled to other regions of the country, where he met with foreigners linked to drug trafficking. Behind him was placed under surveillance, and in early April held a special operation to detain members of the group.

The police intercepted two drug couriers who reported a cache of heroin, and gave three more accomplices.

On February 15 last year it was reported that in Sydney Australian police seized a large shipment of methamphetamine from a citizen of China and three holders of passports of Hong Kong. The cost of the 720 liters of the drug (it was in a liquid state) was estimated at one billion Australian dollars (about 700 million U.S. dollars).